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þe Olde Brew Log

Welcome to our comprehensive, and chronological, list of every batch of homebrew brewed at the No Ragrets Brewatorium. Here you will find every batch listed and links to help you explore each beer.

  1. Patient 1 Pale Ale - Untappd
  2. CAMoats IPA v1- Untappd, Extract Recipe
  3. Beaches of Kelheim Tropical Hefeweizen- Untappd
  4. Ya Know'm Sayin Duble IPA- Untappd, All-Grain Recipe
  5. Plum Trashy - Untappd, Story
  6. Light As The Breeze Belgian Wit - Lesson Learned, Untappd, The FAIL Story
  7. Dr. Bell's White IPA- Untappd
  1. Huntress IPA 1.0 - Untappd, Brew Day Video 
  2. 51.6895 Percent - Untappd
  3. Bungalized Kölsch (Big Brew 2017) - A FAIL Story, Tasting Video
  4. Huntress IPA 1.1 - Untappd, Recipe, Grain-To-Glass Video 
  5. Diggin' Up A Date Beer 2017 - 2nd place winner in competition Untappd
  6. Frankenbier 001 IPL - PlaylistUntappd 
  7. Felt Up: Fantasia - Playlist, Untappd
  1. Kandarian IPA - VideoUntappd
  2. Frankenbier 002, Hazy American Pale Ale

  1. Something off of the new e-herms will be coming very soon.