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About HHH

That's me manning our booth at an
industry event at Straight To Ale

My name is Jimmy. I started HopHead Hardware as a line of custom glassware for craft beer. The glassware sold well but I decided that shipping small volumes of glassware wasn't worth the trouble. My passion for craft beer keeps growing but the options are all starting to muddle together. How many grapefruit IPA's variants can there be? Hey look, another chocolate coffee stout with chipotle. Whoop, IPA 123 is good. It is very similar to IPA 456. Blah Blah Blah..

I am not knocking the craft brewers out there by any means. I was losing interest in craft beer, or at leats the exploration of craft beer. I started studying beer against BJCP guidelines. To me, good beer is good beer. I don't really care about style guidelines. Beer judging isn't for me. Where do I go from here?

Home brewing is the answer. I had helped a few friends brew their own beer and went to a few events that the local home brew club (The Barley Mob) hosted. Brewing my own beer peaked my interest. I gathered some equipment over time and started brewing. I dubbed my home brewery the No Ragrets Brewatorium. There is something satisfying about really enjoying a beer you made.

I still owned HopHeadHardware.com but the site was just sitting there. I have had successful blogs before. One of the was a super-successful disaster preparedness blog with thousands of readers. I decided to start blogging about my experiences with homebrewing. A friend talked me into adding affiliate links to generate some money from the site. (Hey, why not...)

Use HopHead Hardware as a resource. Learn as I learn. If you buy something through a link of the site that is great but this isn't about making money. This blog is about documenting my journey through brewing, beer, and learning.

(I am fully aware that this is very poor written rambling. Yay beer)