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Friday, February 7, 2020

We got a new brew system!

We haven't added any content to the website in a while. We haven't brew in a while. HopHead Hardware and the No Ragrets Brewatorium and about get back to brewing with a vengeance. A custom built new 3 vessel e-herms system is here. We still have to finish assembling it and wiring it in. That should be easy since we have brew 3 batches on this rig before but at a different place. Keep and eye out for photos once we get it set-up. We still need to name the system so hit us up on social media using the links in the sidebar and suggest a name for this new fanciness.

Update: 2/15/2020

The system is in place and currently under reassembly/resealing procedures.

Update: 2/21/2020

I have added some pegboard to the back, casters, and an on-board sound system. The controls box a breaker box are mounted. I still have to do some cable management and hook the breaker box to power. after that we will leak test and plan the first batch.

Update: 2/25/2020

It's alive. We brew soon. Stay tuned. I will get some photos up soon.

Update: 3/17/2020

As I typed the update date I realized how fast 2020 is trolling by. On the 8th I brewed a pale ale on the new system. I did an overnight mash and boiled on the 9th. Brew "day" went great and the efficiency was incredible. The pale is fermenting now. I will update this post on bottling day.

Update: 3/25/2020

The beer that was brewed in the 8th is ready to package. COVID-19 has forced my local homebrew shop to close temporarily. My plan is to brew more wort to pitch onto the yeast cake in the fermenter but I am out of base malt. I will wait a little longer before ordering online. Online homebrew retailers are great but always support your LHBS when you can; they are important.