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Friday, May 4, 2018

Introducing Monster Chaser IPA Recipe Kits

We recently teamed up with Brewer Dude to offer Monster Chaser IPA kits. The kit is available in all-grain and extract versionsMonster Chaser IPA is a brilliant orange straw colored ale with a nose of tropical fruit. This IPA isn’t too bitter and the Munich malt balances the tropical fruit flavors to help blend this into a juicy treat. Enjoy the tropical notes of this clean IPA and leave the heavy bodied haze behind. Monster Chaser features Centennial, Amarillo, and Mosaic.

When I designed the recipe I wanted it to be versatile. Modifying the hop schedule, adding additional specialty malts, adding hops, and using various yeast strains can change Monster Chaser IPA. It is a really tasty treat when it's brewed to specs but most of us homebrewers like to leave our own mark on the beers we brew. Monster Chaser IPA was formulated to be a 5.5-gallon batch to account for trub loss.

Ferment Monster Chaser with a clean yeast such as WLP001 or US-05 to brew it the way it was intended. If you would like to up the juice you could add more Mosaic and Amarillo and a whirlpool ar hop stand addition and ferment it with 1318 London Ale III. An addition of flaked oats, along with the London Ale III, would help haze it up and soften the beer pushing it towards NEIPA or "Hazy or Juicy Ale" as the Brewer's Association would like for us to call it.

If you get one of these kits share your experience with it using #MonsterChaserIPA on your favorite social media platforms. You can share your photos and experience of your finished Monster Chaser IPA on Untappd HERE.

NOTE: The numbers listed on the graphic are estimates. 75% efficiency and a healthy fermentation assumed.