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Monday, October 16, 2017

The BA Is At It Again With #TakeCraftBack

It's no secret that big beer, primarily AB-InBev, is gobbling up craft breweries and controlling shelf space in doing so. The Brewers Association have been actively fighting for independent craft breweries in some very creative ways lately. I love the seal that they recently launched to help distinguish independent breweries products from cleverly disguised beer pretending to be independent. The BA took another swing at AB-InBev with their latest campaign, Take Craft Back.

Click HERE to see the video at TakeCraftBack.com. It is essentially a crowdsourcing campaign to buy Ab-InBev with a goal of $213 billion (yeah....with a B). The staggering number along with the goofy, but good, video makes me believe that the BA has no real goal of buying the evil mega-conglomerate and that this is merely a creative marketing campaign to raise awareness of their Independent Craft Brewer movement.

Although I don't think that the BA has any real goal of buying AB-InBev the campaign does make me wonder how we craft beer lovers could infiltrate the enemy and influence their tactics from within. It is possible. I'm not an expert of stock exchanges by any means but it seems to me that the BA would not even need a controlling interest in AB-InBev. Craft beer would only need to hold enough stock to create some noise. Let them push their swill; plenty of people like Bud Light Lime and that is ok. Let them keep Goose Island, Wicked Weed, Boulevard, and the others. Raise hell when they try to buy another craft brewery, but do so from behind enemy lines.

Another option is to not care at all and just brew your own beer.

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EDIT: The campaign is "Take Craft Back," we noticed our error after publishing.