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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Recipe: CAMoats IPA, extract version

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All hail spontaneous brew day wins! This brew day was as quick and dirty as writing this post was but the beer turned out great. I had some plans fall through so I had a free Saturday morning. I didn't have any ingredients or a mill so I decided to go extract. I walked into my local homebrew shop and opened my Beersmith app and started formulating a recipe from what I could find on their shelves. I knew I wanted a well rounded and very full bodied IPA. I ended up picking up the following:

CAMoats IPA home brewed at No Ragrets Brewatorium
Photo of CAMoats IPA taken by Josh of Pennant Brewing Co.
-1.00 oz Mosaic 15.0 min
-1.00 Amarillo 5.0 min
-1 pack of US-05 Yeast
(target numbers are close to end of this post)

The oats were steeped in 3 gallons of my brewing water, with one campden tablet added, at 154 degrees 
Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. That murky goodness was poured of into the boil kettle through a strained. I squeezed the oats in the strainer to press out all of the juices I could and then topped off with the rest of my brewing water.

This brew day was quick and simple but I should have taken more measurements. I heated up my water to where it was too hot to touch but not boiling and killed the flame. I then mixed in my dry extract and re-ignited the flame. When the boil began I started my timer and followed the hop schedule listed above. At the time of this brew session I didn't have a chiller so it took a very long time to get this wort down to yeast pitching temperatures. I collected just under 5 gallons of wort and topped off to 5.5 gallons with sanitized water. At this time, I didn't have my boil-off rate and equipment dialed in yet. Once pitching temperatures were reached I sprinkled in my packet of US-05 and sealed up the fermenter. Primary fermentation went for 14 days at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This beer was transferred into a secondary fermenter where it sat for 7 day, I cold crashed for the final 3 days in the secondary.On bottling day the priming sugar calculations were calculated for 2.3 volumes of CO2. At 2 weeks the beers were carbonated but they were best at the 3 and 4 week marks.

In the glass, this beer looked like a dark orange/ light brown murky mess but had a nice creamy head. The aroma was all citrus and pine with a little yeast scent. This beer was a little more bitter than the IBU calculations would suggest but the bitterness was backed up with a nice sweetness from the amber malt. The Cascade hops were used for bittering so there wasn't much aroma of flavor from them. The Mosaic hops didn't shine but they imparted a subtle spice that combined well with the sweetness. The Amarillo stood out, as it should have being introduced at the 5 minute mark. Overall, this beer turned out great. Friends raved about it and are begging for more.

Here are the target numbers:

OG: 1.061
FG: 1.014
ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 53.5
SRM: 8.2

The numbers came out higher than my targets by a long shot. We were still dialing in equipment. There wan't much information on the extract packaging either. I ended up with an OG of 1.064 and a FG of 1.009 for 7.22% abv. I'm not complaining. :)

What's in the future for CAMoats IPA?
I have worked on an all-grain recipe and it will be brewed sometime in the the next 2 or 3 batches. Some tweaks will be made. I plan moving the 
Mosaic hop drop to the 5 minute mark and Moving the Amarillo drop to flame-out. I am also adding an ounce of Amarillo to that hop drop. This oat heavy grain bill will always produce a cloudy beer but I expect the all-grain version to look cleaner since we have a wort chiller at the No Ragrets Brewatorium now.

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