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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No Ragrets Brewatorium: Plum Trashy

 No Ragrets Brewarotium Plum Trashy Homebrew
The First Pour of Plum Trashy
A Home Brew Day At No Ragrets BrewatoriumOn July 2, 2016 the No Ragrets Brooligans set out to brew a big dankalicious double IPA with a monster grain and hop bill. We knew we wanted to attempt a second runnings batch but weren't interested in a true parti-gyle brew day. The idea was to finish the IPA and then see what kind of sugars we could get out of the grains. If the gravity didn't look decent we would abandon ship. If all looked OK we would add some hops and pitch yeast and see what we got.

Brooligan Levi ferments a lot of fruit. He had thrown away about 20 lbs of fresh plums the night before. The decision was made to retrieve the plums, that were in their own bag, from his trash can and add them to the beer. Matt smashed on the plums until they were a thick purple goop. We collected 5 gallons of running from the left over IPA grains and ended up with a little over 3.5 gallons after the boil. The boil was 60 minutes with 1 ounce of 7C's added at 60 minutes and our pulverised plums added at 15 minutes. US-05 was pitched and the yeast started to eat. Plum Trashy was born.

Fast Forward to August 15, 2016...

I decided to chill a bottle of Plum Trashy to see where it's at. First off, it needed another week to finish bottle conditioning but it was carbonated. The aroma left much to be desired but the flavor is nice. Think of a slightly under-ripe plum. The beer is heavily carbed at 2.7 volumes of CO2. At 4% ABV Plum Trashy drinks like a tart plum radler. The color a beautiful and murky. We expected it to be murky due to the volume of raw fruit in 4 gallons of wort. This is a tasty and refreshing beer that will be the base of a better-planned beer in the future.