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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lunch Break Deal Of The Day 8.25.2016

 50' Stainless Steel Home Brew Immersion Chiller
An immersions chiller is the best investment that I have made for the No Ragrets Brewatorium. Chilling wort sucks without help and chilling too slow. Read more about it at our previous blog post about wort chillers by clicking HERE. A 25-foot immersion chiller will get the job done and copper is just fine. Wanna know what's better? A 50-foot stainless steel chiller! Doubling the length increase chill rates exponentially and you done have top worry about the chiller being too short for your kettle. Copper is easy to bend, kink, and split. It also oxidizes quickly. Stainless coils are much tougher and easier to clean.

There is a great deal on a 50-foot stainless steel immersion chiller with tubing and a garden hose adapter. This chiller is almost identical to the one we use at the No Ragrets Brewatorium but the chiller on Amazon has nicer fittings than ours. Currently, it is marked down 17% to $74.95 with Free Shipping. Click HERE to get one!

Northern Brewer has their 25-foot stainless steel immersion chiller for $69.99 plus $7.99. See it HERE. That price really puts the deal on Amazon into perspective.