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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brewing Aid: FermCap

Boil overs suck. That is all.
OK, that isn't all. Considering that we mostly brew five-gallon batches in a half barrel keggle at the No Ragrets Brewatorium even excessive foam stays in the pot. I got tired of scraping hops off of the side of the kettle. Hops that stick to kettle walls are not being fully utilized. In search of solutions, I went over to Homebrewtalk.com. Ladies and gentlemen, I found the answer.

Fermcap-S (aka Kerry Fermcap S) may be the greatest brewing aid in existence. I picked a small bottle up at my local home brew shop for $2.99 and I will never brew without it again. I am seeing almost no foam in the kettle, even after massive hop additions. I don't use this magical elixir directly in my fermenter but I am convinced that it is carrying over from the kettle. Vigorous fermentations aren't gunking up my airlocks and causing messes. Blow off tubes are a thing of the past for me (more on that below). I don't use yeast starters since I mostly use dry yeast but starters tend to cause nice sticky messes when their foam blows out of the flask. Fermcap-S can be used in your yeast starters too!

Fermcap-S doesn't leave any off tastes in your beer and it does no hurt head retention. The solution is consumed by yeast. Many brewers claim that they have found that their beers have better head retention due to the proteins that are not lost in the krausen stay in in the beer. Foam control in the fermenter stops messes. The instructions on the bottle suggest that you add 3 drops per gallon in the boil and 2 drops per gallon in the fermenter I find that both of the numbers are excessive. I just use 3 drops per gallon in the boil and let it carry over into the fermenter.

Fermcap simply alters the surface tension of the liquid it is in. Bubbles pop before they can form. I have read that the primary ingredient is the same as what is in Gas-X.

(I have found that is best to add FermCap to your wort just as it begins to boil. Foam increases when it is added before then.)

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