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Monday, July 18, 2016

Lunch Break Deal of The Day 7.18.2016

Today I came across a nice deal on Summit hops. Who love alpha acids? Come on....we all love alpha acids and Summit hops have plenty at 18.5%AA. HomeBrewSupply.com has them on sale for $11.95 per pound.

HomeBrewSupply.com's description:
Utilized in Pale Ales and IPAs, Summit™ Hops are quite literally the top of the high alpha acid hops. Great for bittering any style where you want a bold hop bitterness, it provides a tangerine, funky earthy flavor that fans of bolder styles will recognize instantly.

Packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen- and light-barrier foil packages.

General Info:
1 lb Bag
Origin: United States
Hop Type: Bittering
Alpha Acid: 18.5%
Similar Varieties: Simcoe, Columbus, Warrior, Millenium
Common Styles: IPAs, Imperial IPAs

Get some by clicking HERE.

HomeBrewSupply offers $7.99 flat-rate shipping so look at their specials page to see other great deals by clicking HERE.