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Friday, July 15, 2016

Anvil High Precision Small Scale

That is a sexy scale.
Anvil Brewing Equipment stormed onto the homebrew scene a few months ago. Anvil is Blichmann's more affordable, and practical, line of home brewing equipment. We, at the No Ragrets Brewatorium, recently pulled away from brewing solely from kits and started formulating our own recipes and modifying the kits we have on hand. A nice scale is critical if you want to break away from the kits.

Enter the Anvil High Precision Small Scale. At $19.99 this little dude is a steal. I will be using mine this evening to weigh out hops, orange peel, coriander, and yeast nutrient for a Belgian Wit that we will brew tonight. I will use it to measure priming sugar tomorrow for a fruit beer that we brew a few weeks ago. A nice scale is almost as important as your hydrometer if you want to craft great beer. This little beauty features a 4 x 4 in. stainless steel weighing surface and includes a large sample tray and protective cover (which doubles as a smaller sample tray). Unit measurements available in both oz and grams, and is accurate to within 0.005 oz or 0.1 gram. While this is not laboratory level stuff a homebrewer doesn't need a scale of that precision. The quality is better than the scales you can pick up at a local box store for the same money. Blah blah blah...technical stuff, technical stuff, technical stuff.....This thing looks sweet as hell! This little scale is overflowing with value and I cannot wait to try out more gadgetry (is that even a word) from Anvil Brewing Equipment. The Anvil Large Grain Scale is on my shopping list.

Tonight, we brew the last kit the I have on hand. The base of the beer will be Great Fermentations of Indiana's Witless in Indianapolis All-Grain Kit. Some modifications to the recipe include additional sweet orange peel and a more aggressive and exotic dry yeast that the recipe suggests. More on that after the brew in bubbling!

Cheers and stay tuned.