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How To Start Home Brewing

 No Ragrets BrewatoriumYou love good beer and have been thinking about getting into the home brewing world for a little while now. You have researched the craft and watched all of the YouTube videos. You have decided that now is the time to give it a shot. Where do you start? I am not laying out the cheapest route possible. If you go cheap you will regret ragret it. I will lay out a cost-effective plan to help you get into the brew game.

First, you need knowledge but knowledge comes with experience. Just get to brewing. Gathering all of the necessary equipment can be a daunting task but there are plenty of kits available. You don't need a $6,000 rig and a few small conical fermenters to make great beer. Start small, but not too small. You will quickly expand when you decide that the brew life is for you. I suggest starting with a basic 5-gallon batch starter kit with plastic fermenting buckets. You can pick these kits up at your local home brew shop or online.  CLICK HERE to see the kit with the most bang for your buck. That kit includes an ingredients kit and free shipping. Basic starter kits should include:

You will also need sanitizer, cleaner, bottles, and bottle caps. More on the later...

A big stove top pot will get you started but don't buy an expensive one. You won't be using it for long. I never used one at all. A kettle is critical. When I built my system I knew that I wanted the ability to brew 10 gallon all-grain batches so I skipped the stove top pot and built a keggle out of a half barrel keg. 15+ gallon capacity is nice to have. I will post about the build on another day. Keggles can be purchased online but Adventures in Homebrewing has the best deals on pre-build keggles. See it by CLICKING HERE. On that page, you will see some options. It is worth the money to get the stainless steel valve as they give you better flow control than the brass versions. Splurge and get the pre-installed pick-up tube too. This kettle will be just over $200 but you will be glad you went for it quickly. If you want a cleaner look Spike's Brewing in making nice stuff and the prices are good. See their 15 gallon kettle by clicking HERE.