Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunch Break Deal of The Day 8.19.2016

The good folks over at Adventure in Homebrewing are running a killer deal on a single weld 8 gallon brew pot for $45. Throw on a 1/2" ball valve on the coupler and a bazooka tube on the inside and you will have a nice brew kettle fro under $80

Splurge for the two weld pot for just $10 more and add thermometer to the extra outlet.

AIH Is also running a sale on their Oktoberfest kits right now. The all-grain kit is just $20 and the extract kit is $25. Don't have a set-up that allows for lagering. Screw it and pitch some Nottingham yeast and let 'er roll.

AIH is still running the special on the $39 kegs! Click HERE for details.